rudisdotnet Kanashimi ikari chikara ni kaete


So...I answer @ccarboni's SANS ISC diary question/post way earlier today with a link to an old (by internet standards) StackExchange thread that doesn't exactly answer the question but points to a possible correlation and then @CiscoSecurity just happens to post the same link in its Twitter stream and doesn't even reference the ISC question?

I guess it's possible. It may even be probable. It just feels like it's deliberate non-attribution for both my answer and Chris' original question.

Decided to whine here about it vs the tech blog.

If @CiscoSecurity truly was just clicking around the Internet this morning doing some SQLi research early on a Saturday and did not see the ISC thread, then please accept my apologies (if that is the case, drop a note in the comments and I'll be glad to retract the whine).


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