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A while back I wrote something for Dropbox users on OS X called Dropbox Cache Cleaner. It was early in the life of the now infamous file sharing/syncing service and they had an effective but rudimentary method of caching deleted items in the event you really needed them back. The trouble was that it could consume large amounts of disk space without you even knowing it.  Continue reading »

Well, I fired up one of the last remaining PPC boxes I could get my hands on and re-build the project under the old Xcode and for PCC only. The result are a not-as-pretty – but functional – 10.4 PPC build of DBCC Desktop (76KB compressed archive).

I moved the project back over to my Leopard box and compiled it as a Universal with a 10.4 target architecture as well. I did not have time to test the results on Tiger, but it works on Leopard. That one is (76KB compressed archive).

One reason for the failure of the previous 10.4 target was the use of the BWToolkit and HUD window. There were other incompatible project settings as well.

This is probably my last fiddling with a 10.4 compatible build.

If anything, I was able to savor the beauty that is Xcode 3.x having re-lived the horror that was Xcode 2.x. How did we ever build apps? :-)

Python on the Mac is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it makes app development much easier. On the other hand, it limits the deployment to OX X 10.5 (Leopard) unless you do some wrangling.

I made an Objective-C version of the "desktop widget" which is available for download now. Most likely, I will not update this version and I have not tested on Tiger yet. If you do test it and it does work (or fails miserably), please drop a note in the comments.

There was a bug in the threading in version 1.1 (apologies for not posting an RDN-update for 1.1) which is now fixed in version 1.2 (188KB compressed archive). No other functionality changes, just a bug fix.

In response to a comment, I am also releasing a desktop version, conveniently called DBCC Desktop (272KB compressed archive, OS X 10.5 ONLY). It runs dock-less and menu-less, effectively making it a widget for your desktop. Just click the "Clear Cache" button and you'll get your space back. The info button takes you to the DBCC portion of this site. I did not put Sparkle updates in this app, so check back here for updates. NOTE: there is a discrepancy between the sizes reported between the widget and desktop app. I use "du" for the widget and Python modules for the app. I'm working on tracking down why there is such a difference.

As you can see, I take feedback and problem reports pretty seriously, so drop me a note if you have any issues, complaints or feature requests.

Dropbox is a great way to share items between team or project members and can also help you keep your data synchronized across multiple systems (and web-accessible). It is very fast, especially if files are deleted inadvertently and restored due the use of a cache.

Hidden in your home directory (/Users/username/) is a directory named .dropbox where the application keeps a database of your account configuration (encrypted) and what should be synchronized to your local Dropbox folder. There is also a ~/.dropbox/cache directory which can get huge. Since Dropbox has yet to add cache management to the agent application, you will need to manually clear this out if you want to free up space on your hard drive.

Enter: Dropbox Cache Cleaner. This simple Dashboard Widget lets you see how big your Dropbox cache is and then gives you the option to clear it all away.

While this has worked very well for me, your mileage may vary. If it fries your local Dropbox or interferes with future Dropbox functionality, I take no responsibility.

Drop a note in the comments if you found it useful or if you have suggestions for how to improve the widget. Once Dropbox adds proper cache management tools to their app, I will cease updates.


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